Wichita Media Transfer Service

Wichita Events - Media Transfer and Digitizing Services Stack of VHS Family Movies.jpgPreserve your memories forever…

A memory lasts forever, but DVD, mini-DVD, VHS, VHS-C, 8mm and cassette tapes unfortunately do not. Preserve your memories forever when you transfer your media to a digital format. Our digitization services will forever preserve your most cherished footage by transferring it to a form that the hands of time can not touch. Over the years, we’ve transferred weddings, engagements, birth announcements, family vacations, graduations, funerals, sports footage, live performances, sermons, training videos and more…   

Wichita Events Media Transfer Flash DrivesPricing

Pricing for our media transfer and digitization service is simple, we charge $20 per piece of media, regardless of the length of footage held on the media. For example:

  • You have 1(one) VHS tape to digitize = $20
  • You have 3(three) VHS tapes to digitize = $60
  • You have 1(one) VHS tape and 1(one) Mini-DV tape to digitize = $40

Upon completion of our services, your original media will be returned to you along with a new flash-drive containing your newly digitized media. You can use the flash-drive to replicate your media on a computer, or, you can lock your flash-drive up for safe keeping. We can find a way to duplicate most media. If however, we are required to acquire additional equipment to transfer your media, further costs may incur. 

If you’re ready for Wichita Events to digitize your outdated media before it rots away forever, contact us.