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Busy, busy, busy…

Wichita Events - Multitasking Guy - Event Listing ServiceIf you’re an event planner, promoter, venue or business that hosts 3 or more events per month, our Event Listing Service is for you. This service will improve the online image of your venue, keep your forward facing event-related public information updated, and will serve as a one-call solution for when you need to change online information QUICKLY!

In the live-events industry, time can often run short. Busy venue owners and management staff can’t be expected to spend hours online listing, updating and changing every little detail of their events. When done properly and within best-practice to maximize ticket sales, it can take up to 2 hours to properly word an event description, find supporting media, link YouTube videos, align text, include promotional links and SO much more that should be included in a “proper” event listing.

What you get…

Wichita Events - LARGE LOGO BannerWith our Event Listing Service, Wichita Events staff will personally list ALL your live and virtual events on WichitaEvents.com, Wichita’s LARGEST database of live events as well as Facebook and Eventbrite (with technology permissions). When it’s time for a new event, your event staff will contact Wichita Events by email to provide us with a simple outline of only the most basic details of your event including artist names, times, dates, ticket info, etc. Your staff can then return to doing what is MOST important which is running the venue! Wichita Events will list your submitted events on WichitaEvents.com, Facebook, and if requested, Eventbrite. When we list your events for you online, we consider…

  • Imagery. We use center-weighted images for your event because we know that “pirate sites” steal information from WichitaEvents.com (GOOD for you, BAD for us). If information is going to be stolen, we might as well make it look great! If custom images need to be made for your event, we’ll handle it at no additional charge.
  • Event Description. A well worded description can be the difference between selling a ticket, or not! Writing great event descriptions is hard work. Chances are when you hired your venue manager, you didn’t ask if they were proficient in persuasive writing! Let Wichita Events take an ENORMOUS physical and intellectual strain off of your staff. When listing events for our clients, we make sure to include proper event details and ticketing information, along with artist bios, YouTube videos, additional supporting images and other information and details about the artist or your venue.
  • “Featured” Listing Upgrade. As an Event Listing Service client, 100% of your events will appear as “Featured” events on WichitaEvents.com. Your events will display on our homepage and category pages BEFORE all other “standard” events, normally a $15 per event fee.
  • Added to the Wichita Events Masterlist. As an Event Listing Service client, 100% of your events will be added to the Wichita Events Masterlist.
  • Custom “GET TICKETS” Banner. When you enroll in our Event Listing Service, we create a custom banner unique to your venue that will appear at both the top and bottom of your event listing, encouraging patrons to click for tickets.
  • Facebook Event Listing Service. Wichita Events can “co-host” your Facebook Event listings. This means that Wichita Events will be allowed to EDIT your Facebook Event. Doing this ensures that all information related to your event is uniform on both sites.  
  • Eventbrite Listing & Ticket Sale Setup. If you normally sell tickets on Eventbrite, our staff can handle that as well including adding proper ticket fees, ticket quantities, etc.. (Eventbrite service will require your logins).
  • 24/7 “Emergency” Service. Event details can change at any time and there is no better time to alert the public of changes than IMMEDIATELY! When times, dates, artists or any other event details change, your venue staff can call us 24 hours a day to report those changes. We will get them updated online immediately and your venue staff can go back to focusing on the ACTUAL changes they need to make.    
  • Report Duplicate Facebook Event Listings. Many times, “super-fans” will add Facebook Events that are duplicates of your event listings. While these “super-fans” mean well, often times these duplicate listings contain incorrect event information which can be a liability to your venue. Our staff will search for unauthorized or duplicate listings of your event report them to Facebook for deletion.


Can you put a price on saving your venue staff a lot of stress? Can you put a price on ensuring that 100% of your online event listings will maximize attendance and ticket sales????? Yep. We we put a price on it. The price is $99 a month. That’s it. Ready to enroll? Contact us.

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